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日本製美濃燒 綠色大湯碗 | Japanese Mino Ware Large Green Bowl

日本製美濃燒 綠色大湯碗 | Japanese Mino Ware Large Green Bowl

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物料: 瓷器・美濃燒

尺寸:約W20x H9cm


✅   洗碗機、焗爐



Kushime is a series that lets you feel the vibe of modern Japanese style. 

Ame glaze makes it easy to see the shades of glaze while the fine and delicate lines are smoothed with glaze.

Color: Green

Material: Porcelain・Mino Ware

Size: Around W20x H9cm

Origin: Gifu, Japan

✅   Dishwasher, Oven

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