Collection: Ciele



所有帽子均有UPF40+ 系數之防曬功能。

超過80% Ciele Athletics 產品採用環保物料 

再生聚酯纖維 (Repreve) 制造。

採用 COOLwick™️ 高效快乾布料,




An outdoor brand from Canada.

The styles of its cap are different every season.

All items have UPF40+ sun protection,

 and are made of environmentally -friendly 

materials, Recycled Polyester Fibers (Repreve).

The use of COOLwick™️ quick-drying fabric 

makes the caps easy to store and hard to deform.

There are also retroreflective materials, 

which can be clearly seen when running at night.

The caps can be washed in the washing machine.



*Please note that customers who request express delivery have to bear all related potential risks such as losses and damages. Thank you for your understanding.