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Our Aims

  • Delicious

  • Photogenic

  • Fulfilling

Why Choose Us?

Whether it's a business occasion or a private gathering, our plant based catering service will add a unique touch to your event. Please feel free to contact us anytime and let our catering service create an unforgettable plant based experience for you.

Celebrations at Years

Create Your Unforgettable Moments with Years!

Welcome to hold all kinds of celebrations at our venues.

  • Weddings
  • Baby Full Moon Celebration & 100th-Day Celebration
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary

Rental for Filming

Utilise our exceptional locations for filming purposes!

Contact us to discuss the details and secure your rental for an unforgettable filming experience.

  • ViuTV《One Day 約會實況》

  • ViuTV《創新TEEN》

  • ViuTV《爆谷一周》

  • HSBC Outdoor Advertising

  • MillMILK《80後老師公務員零餐飲經驗開深水埗打卡素食cafe 4年開5間分店 每間分店不同純素菜單 部份採用本地菜 目標與有肉菜式一樣高質》

  • MillMILK《60萬訂閱找數!全體MM同事挑戰接手餐廳一日!廚房樓面水吧洗碗一手包辦 一開業即冧檔 客人等超過1小時仍未有食物 餐廳迎接最大危機!解構餐廳運作分工 餐廳成功嘅秘訣係?》

  • HOY 資訊台 × 有線新聞 i-Cable News《社區暫託服務為照顧者開路》

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Catering Services

Enhance your event with our support!

We specialise in catering services for festivals, private functions, and publicity events.

We are pleased to provide vegan catering that are suitable for large crowds and smaller groups.

Our event menus are thoughtfully crafted and can be easily customised to suit your requirements, for example, providing allium-free options, light meals, etc.

For standard party set menus (30 people or less), please order HERE

Check Out Our Info Kit Here

Reach Out To Us For Your Event!

You Can Also Contact Us For Event Customisation

P: +852 5294 9232 (Whatsapp/ Signal)

E: shop@yearshk.com