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日本製 OSK 檜木碟 (3件裝) | Made in Japan OSK Cypress Plate (Set of 3)

日本製 OSK 檜木碟 (3件裝) | Made in Japan OSK Cypress Plate (Set of 3)

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物料:耐熱溫度140℃ Polypropylene (含日本檜木)

尺寸:約W147 x H19  mm 


✅   洗碗機 、 微波爐 


The Japanese-made OSK cypress dish is made with a newly invented plastic which is fused with Japanese cypress wood. It has a natural antibacterial entity and can be safely used by children. The lightweight and non-fragile feature makes it the best option for children's tableware.

Material: Polypropylene (Japanese cypress infused)

Size: About W147 x H19 mm

Origin: Japan

✅ Dishwasher, microwave




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