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【日本製 Made in Japan】OSK 便當盒 (黃色) | OSK Bento Box (Yellow)

【日本製 Made in Japan】OSK 便當盒 (黃色) | OSK Bento Box (Yellow)

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物料:Polypropylene (盒身/隔板) / 樹脂 (蓋子) / 矽膠 (膠圈)

尺寸:約W209 x L132 x H72 mm (800ml)


✅   洗碗機 、 微波爐 (必須移除蓋子)


The Japanese-made OSK Bento Box is the best news for anyone who brings their own meal to work and school. The design of the OSK lunch box takes references from American retro stationery. The lightweight material makes it easy to be carried around. An antibacterial material (silver ion) was added to the box body in the production process. You can just simply remove the lid and heat your food in the microwave directly (the lid is not compatible with microwave).

Material: Polypropylene (box body/ partition) / AS resin (lid) / Silicone (rubber ring)

Size: About W209 x L132 x H72 mm (800ml)

Origin: Japan

✅ Dishwasher, microwave (The lid must be removed)

*Please note that customers who request express delivery have to bear all related potential risks such as losses and damages. Thank you for your understanding

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