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OCTO GAMBOL SS23 / 05 — S23-067 Switchable Breathing Shorts (Grey)

OCTO GAMBOL SS23 / 05 — S23-067 Switchable Breathing Shorts (Grey)

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OCTO GAMBOL®️⁠ SS23 / 05


< S23-067 Switchable Breathing Shorts >




Semi-enclosed inner layer design and the heat-dissipating form change, the most heat-resistant and comfortable wearing experience in summer.

> 褲側雙層可擴展口袋收納

> 半包圍透氣網格內層,減低褲子與肌膚觸來的焗熱感

> 自由變換形態加強散熱功能

> 適合於夏季的輕薄尼龍布料,具備透氣功能及飄逸感

> 半包圍橡筋腰圍,鬆放彈性能達20厘米

> 及膝寬鬆版型,褲頂摺褶與活動下擺加強整體飄逸感
> 附帶內置自由調節的Duraflex®卡扣腰帶

> Double-layer expandable pocket storage

> Semi-enclosed inner layer of breathable mesh, reducing the heat feeling between the pants and the skin

> Freely transform shape to enhance heat dissipation

> Lightweight nylon fabric suitable for summer, with breathable function and elegant feeling

> Half-enclosed elastic waist, loose elastic capacity up to 20cm

> Knee-length loose fit, top pleats and movable hem to enhance the overall sense of elegance

> Duraflex® adjustable nylon strap


Model 175cm wears size L.

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