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Matter Matters Five Elements / Water Bracelet • Cyan & Cobalt

Matter Matters Five Elements / Water Bracelet • Cyan & Cobalt

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In Chinese Philosophy, it is believed that the world is composed of Five Elements. Incorporating the right elements will bring balance to your life. 

Water represents wisdom, career, and social life. It is also associated with calmness and the element of emotion. Adding more water helps in increasing social connections and feeling more inspired.  

*We suggest checking your suited elements before wearing these pieces daily.


• Double sided enamel on gold plated stainless steel pendant

• 18k gold plated spring ring clasp

• Clasp opening : 1mm

• Embossed logo at the side of pendant

• Detachable pendant, approx. 15mm

• Nickel free

• Comes with Matter Matters Gallery jewellery box and care card



*Please note that customers who request express delivery have to bear all related potential risks such as losses and damages. Thank you for your understanding.

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