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Kodangs Umbre Shorts (Cerulean Blue) (Women)

Kodangs Umbre Shorts (Cerulean Blue) (Women)

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Kodangs Umbre Shorts 於泰國製造,使用輕盈、易乾但不薄的 Poly 面料。

在後面有掛鉤細節,以防您需要掛一些東西。 所有口袋均採用拉鍊製成。

Kodangs 是一個於曼谷由三位設計專業的學生於 2010 年創立的品牌。Kodangs 熱衷於將文化和時尚的設計帶入都市繁忙的日程之中。 產品設計以簡潔丶舒適作主題。 



腰圍:23-24 inches 

臀圍:38 inches

長度:14 inches



腰圍:25-29 inches 

臀圍:40 inches

長度:15 inches




Kodangs is a Bangkok-based brand founded in 2010 by three design students. The brand has a passion for bringing fashion and culture into daily travelling. The design of the products is simple, neat and comfortable. This made in Thailand waterproof hat is the best companion for your next adventure trip. 


M (recommended for tiny skinny women. Model is wearing this size)

Waist 23-24  inches 

Hip 38  inches 

Length 14  inches 


L ( comfortable size)

Waist 25-29 inches

Hip 40 inches

Length 15 inches


Material: Poly fabric 

Origin: Thailand




*Please note that customers who request express delivery have to bear all related potential risks such as losses and damages. Thank you for your understanding.

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