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Japfac Candy Nylon (Black Pink)

Japfac Candy Nylon (Black Pink)

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Japfac Candy Nylon

JAPFAC 帶著曼谷文化的多元,憑著大膽鮮豔的顏色配搭,讓收納袋變得獨特和爽朗。JAPFAC 的袋子功能性十足,輕量及跣水的特徵專為日常生活而設。大大小小、不同顏色及款式,適用於戶外遊樂、上班攜帶文件電腦、輕鬆出門皆必備。

JAPFAC主打款式是Candy Bags,每個袋都配上兩條百搭的的肩帶,醒神的顏色配搭不論是喜歡鮮豔抑或樸素顏色的你都能滿足。輕量的跣水物料除了日常返學上班,亦十分適合遠足等户外活動。



Japfac bag is thoroughly designed to look Simple, yet filled with individual details and multifunctions. They hope that their product can be used diversely in your everyday life, traveling and working routine.

Origin: Thailand

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