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Inn-stant Vegan 帆布鞋(米白色) | Inn-stant Vegan Canvas Lo Top Sneaker (Beige)

Inn-stant Vegan 帆布鞋(米白色) | Inn-stant Vegan Canvas Lo Top Sneaker (Beige)

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INN-STANT品牌於 2000 年在日本創立,出產自擁有悠長製鞋歷史的斯洛伐克。設計上採用歐洲 60,70 年代傳統的舊鞋帽,保留了歐洲傳統的造鞋細節產品使用本土天然的橡膠和布料材質和天然無害染料,在當地工廠以最傳統的製作方式和舊機器完成縫製。鞋子的樣貌自然粗糙充滿休閒和復古的感覺。橡膠底是全天然,有點溢膠是正常現象也讓每雙鞋擁有其獨特的個性。

材質: 天然棉質,天然橡膠底



The INN-STANT brand was founded in Japan in 2000 and is produced in Slovakia, which has a long history of shoemaking. The design adopts the styles of traditional old shoes and hats of Europe in the 60s and 70s, and retains the traditional European shoe-making details. The products use local natural rubber and fabric materials and natural harmless dyes, and are sewn in the local factory with the most traditional production methods and old machines. . The appearance of the shoes is naturally rough and full of casual and retro feel. The rubber sole is all natural, and it is normal to have a little overflow of rubber, and it also makes each pair of shoes unique.


Material: Natural cotton, natural rubber sole

Country of Origin: Slovakia

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