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Hip Hop 101 Tee Graffiti 香港 (White)

Hip Hop 101 Tee Graffiti 香港 (White)

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『香港九龍新界離島,住得喺度係好彩好多嘢仲係彩色,個海色變咗色,個山色變咗色,乜嘢真係要講,乜嘢需要珍惜。』- MC仁 《二字》

為了將本地Hip Hop推動到香港每一個角落,Hip Hop 101首席導師,寧死不屈創辦人 — MC仁特別精心手繪一系列服裝及紀念品。將Hip Hop四大元素 —「DJing」、「 B Boying」、「 Graffiti 」及「MCing」注入香港四大地域,喜歡本地Hip Hop嘅朋友們一定唔可以錯過。

With the vision and master plan to cultivate the local Hip Hop culture in all parts of Hong Kong, MC Yan, the Godfather of Hong Kong Hip Hop, founder of NSBQ, and head instructor of our Hip Hop 101 course, has meticulously designed a capsule collection for our YEARS X NSBQ Hip Hop 101 collaboration featuring his original hand-drawn artworks representing the four main elements of Hip Hop as well as the four major regions in Hong Kong.




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