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甲斐の開運吟釀 | Kainohaiun Daigin(180ml)

甲斐の開運吟釀 | Kainohaiun Daigin(180ml)

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■ 成分:大米(國產)、米麴(國產大米)、釀造酒
■ 酒精度14度以上15度以下
■ 容量:180ml
■ 產品特點:釀酒師傾注了他們的技術和熱情的至高無上的寶石。 一種平衡而溫和的吟釀香。 美麗而深沉的味道,果香令人耳目一新。
■ 製造商:井出酒造(山梨縣南充區富士河口湖町)


■ Classification: Sake / Daigin
■ Ingredients: Daimai (Kokujin), Jiuqu (Kokujin Daimai), Sake Brewery
■ Sake accuracy 15 degrees or more and 16 degrees or less
■ Texture: Intermediate
■ Capacity: 180ml
■ Special gemstones: Enologist's devotion to other brewing techniques Japanese passionate supreme gemstones. A kind of equilibrium and harmonious incense. Beautiful and deep-hearted taste, Kaoru Reijin's ear renewal.
■ Origin: Japan (Yamanashi Minami Mitsuru Fujikawaguchiko Town)

Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.



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