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功效: 日常保健, 坐月補身

貯存: 常溫乾燥,毋須冷藏,用乾匙舀取。

成份: 糙糯米、酒麴

食用方法: 煮食、醃製 

原產地: 香港

 Fermented Brown Glutinous Rice

  • Made with Taiwan brown glutinous rice which is chewy and it tastes unique
  • Naturally handcrafted with no preservatives
  • Traditional culture of walled villagers - Cook with fermented brown glutinous rice
  • Signature dish in walled village for new moms having postpartum confinement
  • Blood and qi replenishing which boosts immunity
  • Blood and spleen replenishing which benefits liver, lung and kidney
  • Greater effects with longer fermentation 


Brown glutinous rice, Liquor

【How to Eat】

Mainly used for cooking and marinating  

Origin: Hong Kong



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