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Baggu Medium Nylon Bucket Bag (Peppercorn)

Baggu Medium Nylon Bucket Bag (Peppercorn)

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這款水桶袋不論設計、造型都有別於其他Baggu 袋款,它使用了環保重量級尼龍外層,加上靭性十足的環保尼龍內膽,打造出型格而耐用的袋子。袋口使用了抽繩封口設計,並配有52吋可調式肩帶,袋內亦設有內袋間格,方便放置小物件。

尺寸:H26.7cm x W16.5cm


An updated take on an ageless shape. Drop your everyday essentials in it and carry them with you through the sands of time.

Size:H26.7cm x W16.5cm

Material:Recycled Nylon



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