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Baby Baggu - Pistachio

Baby Baggu - Pistachio

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Baggu 環保袋憑著輕巧、防水的物料,加上不同款式的印花設計,令它不只是一個環保購物袋,更可當作手袋日常使用,而這個經典的尺寸和款式成為了Baggu 最暢銷的產品之一。

尺寸:18"高 x 10"闊 x 4"深|摺起後可放在4" x 4"的小袋

物料:100%防撕裂尼龍 (40%環保尼龍)


The best selling reusable bag isn't just for the grocery store, it goes everywhere and hauls almost anything.

Size: 25 ½" × 15 ½" × 6" Folded Size:  flat 5" × 5" pouch

Material: Recycled ripstop nylon

Max Bearing Weight: 50lbs



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