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日本製美濃燒 啤酒杯 (深藍色) | Japanese Mino Ware Beer Cup (Navy)

日本製美濃燒 啤酒杯 (深藍色) | Japanese Mino Ware Beer Cup (Navy)

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容量:W9.3 x H12.4cm 




Blue color was used as the main tone for this cup. The clean lines make a simple and exquisite cup. This exquisite cup is specifically designed for serving beer, the foam is one of the important elements for a delicious beer. When the beer is poured into the bisque in the cup, the dense and delicious foam will be produced, which can enhance the texture and taste of the beer.

Color: Navy

Material: Pottery (Mino ware) 

Size: W9.3 x H12.4cm

Origin: Japan

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