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秘魯手造陶瓷聖木座|Peruvian Ceramic Palo Santo Holder & Smudge Plate

秘魯手造陶瓷聖木座|Peruvian Ceramic Palo Santo Holder & Smudge Plate

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These smudge plates are made in Chulucanas, a town in north Peru renowned for its unique pottery making. The technique used dates back to pre-Inca times between 100 and 800 B.C.

Our Palo Santo holders and smudge plates are designed and handmade by the specialists in the town of Chulucanas who dedicate their whole life to keeping alive and promoting this traditional art passed on from one generation to another.

  • dimension: ~11cm⌀, ~3cmH
  • weight: 150-190g
  • holders good for palo santo sticks of max. 2cm in thickness



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