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日本香堂花之花線香(玫瑰) | Japanese Hana No Hana Incense (Rose)

日本香堂花之花線香(玫瑰) | Japanese Hana No Hana Incense (Rose)

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長度:約135 mm ; 直徑約2mm


The story of "Hana no Hana" dates back to the Meiji era, a period of modernization and enlightenment in Japan. At the time, European high-ranking officials and Japanese aristocratic couples often attended parties at the Rokumeikan in Tokyo. The air was filled with the scent of Western perfumes worn by women and the fragrance of Japanese noblewomen. The master perfumer, Kiotaro Kido, was deeply attracted to the aroma and after many attempts at blending, he finally created this luxurious and fragrant perfume, naming it "Hana no Hana."

This fragrance uses high-quality sandalwood and infused with a rose scent, fusing together Western perfume and Eastern spices.

It produces minimal smoke, and the scent is relatively light with fine, subtle smoke.

If you want to fill your space with a delicate and refreshing fragrance, this scent is highly recommended.

Size: 160mm x 79mm x 98mm 
Weight: 400g
Quantity:40 Sticks
Origin: Japan



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