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日本香堂線香 (備長炭 香草香) | Nippon Kodo Japanese Incense (White Sandalwood)

日本香堂線香 (備長炭 香草香) | Nippon Kodo Japanese Incense (White Sandalwood)

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這款日本製線香出自日本香堂Nippon Kodo,這個日本線香品牌源於1575年,至今己經有四百多年的歷史。 而這款線香“Sasara備長炭”是採用優質有名的紀州備長炭、竹炭與消臭成分來調配。富有日本特色且纖細又感性的線香產品,給現代生活帶來滋潤。




Using incense during meditation, relaxation or to fill your space with an alluring aroma. 

Light the tip of the cone and wait until it burns evenly. Blow out the flame and place the incense on an incense holder.

Origin: Japan

Burning Duartion:Around 25 mins 




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