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日本製 金澤古箔兩層盒 | Made in Japan Hakuichi Ancient Foil Two-layer Box

日本製 金澤古箔兩層盒 | Made in Japan Hakuichi Ancient Foil Two-layer Box

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“Hakuichi” 金澤箔具有400年傳統,金澤箔是各種金屬的總稱,被打成薄薄的一層後製成箔。每片古箔皆採用了特殊的技術加工,每一張金箔紙都會根據製造時的天氣、溫度、濕度等環境因素而具有不同的顏色。因此每一張都是獨一無二,色調亦會根據光線的照射方式而變化,具有高稀有價值。


物料: 金澤箔,樹脂

尺寸:約W14.5x L14.5x H10cm




"Hakuichi" Kanazawa foil has a 400-year tradition. Kanazawa foil is a general term for various metals. They are beaten into thin layers to make foil. Each piece of ancient foil is processed with special technology, and each piece of gold foil paper will have a different color according to the weather, temperature, humidity and other environmental factors when it is manufactured. Therefore, each picture is unique, and the color tone will also change according to the way the light is irradiated.


The ancient foil paper craftsmanship and modern design are not only used to contain food and precious objects, but also have ornamental value. They can be used as daily serving plates or candy bowls. It is also a gorgeous and unpretentious choice as a snack box for the New Year.

Material: Resin Kanazawa Foil

Size: Around W14.5x L14.5 x H10cm

Origin: Japan

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