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日日梘有機玫瑰花花水純露|Day Day Soap Organic Rose Water (150ml)

日日梘有機玫瑰花花水純露|Day Day Soap Organic Rose Water (150ml)

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Organic Rose Water   (150ml)





成份:玫瑰花, 蒸餾水 


Rose water for skin is known for its ability to balance natural oils, reduce the appearance of temporary redness, hydrate your skin naturally, provide antioxidant protection, diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and create a smoother looking appearance.

Hydrosols can be used in place of water creating natural fragrances, lotion, creams, facial toners, and other skincare products.

100% Natural . Grown Local . Organic . No Preservatives

Ingredients:  Rose Petals, Distilled Water    

Origin: Hong Kong



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