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心型粉晶 Heart Rose Quartz 985 grams

心型粉晶 Heart Rose Quartz 985 grams

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  • 又名愛情之石、薔薇之石,代表愛情、人緣、親和力
  • 充滿了愛的能量,讓人放下執著,怨恨,更接納自己
  • 治癒和撫慰受傷的心靈
  • 平衡或開發心輪,讓人打開心扉,令人更開心
  • 教導自己學會如何愛自己和愛別人
  • 更容易接受新事
  • 加強心肺功能的健康,舒緩緊張情緒及煩躁心情
  • 穩固戀愛關係、夫妻感情,化解戀愛和家庭關係中的矛盾
  • 改善人際關係,增進人脈、生意緣


請注意:粉晶屬石英水晶家族,如需清潔,可用微濕紙巾抹走表面塵埃,亦 不建議直接於太陽底下曝曬或長時間浸水

Rose Quartz 

  • Also known as the LOVE Stone and the stone of ROSES, which represents love, popularity and affinity
  • Full of love energy, help let go of attachments, resentments, and enhance self - acceptance
  • Healing and soothing wounded hearts
  • Balance the Heart Chakra to open your heart, and thus making you happier
  • Acknowledge you with self - love and the love for others
  • Be more receptive to new things
  • Strengthen the health of cardiopulmonary functions, relieve tensions and irritabilities
  • Stabilize and resolve conflicts in love relationships
  • Improve interpersonal relationships, and thus getting more business contacts.

Suitable for people with: unstable emotions and long-term depressions, desires for broadening the network, difficult relationships, businesses

Please note that Rose Quartz belongs to the Quartz family. Using a slightly damp paper towel to wipe off the surface dust is suggested. Direct exposure to sunlights or water immersion is not recommended as well.


Size 尺寸 :W12cm x L10.5cm  

Weight 重量 :985 grams

Origins 產地 :Brazil 巴西



The colors of crystals may defer due to different lighting. All pictures are for reference .Please refer to the actual product, thank you for your understanding .


*Please note that customers who request express delivery have to bear all related potential risks such as losses and damages. Thank you for your understanding.

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