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日本製 寵物食用碗 (粉紅色) | Made in Japan Pet Food Bowl (Pink)

日本製 寵物食用碗 (粉紅色) | Made in Japan Pet Food Bowl (Pink)

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淺表面可放置60g 乾糧,圓形讓乾糧聚集在中心。

物料: 陶器
尺寸: W14.1 x D12.1 x H7.9cm (淺側:80ml;深側:200ml)

Shallow surface can put 60g dry food.
Round shape allows dry food to gather in the center.
Food collects in the fish-shaped indentations, allowing for good eating until the end. Low front side for easy face placement.

Deep face can put 120g dry food that can hold a lot of food at once.

Material: Porcelain
Size: W14.1 x D12.1 x H7.9cm (shallow side: 80ml, deep side: 200ml)
Origin: Japan




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