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寵物食用碗(粉紅色- 高身) | Pet Food Bowl (Pink - Large)

寵物食用碗(粉紅色- 高身) | Pet Food Bowl (Pink - Large)

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物料: 陶器
尺寸: W12.7 x D11.2 x H11cm (淺側:100ml;深側:300ml)

The high tableware allows your dog to eat in a comfortable posture.
The shallow side and the deep side can be used according to the amount of food eaten and the intended use.
The deep side has an approximate memory line. This helps you check the amount of food and water.

Material: Porcelain
Size: W12.7 x D11.2 x H11cm (shallow side: 100ml, deep side: 300ml)
Origin: Japan



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