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好日子 Pockeat 食物袋 (芒果) | Agooday Reusable Food Storage Bag (Mango)

好日子 Pockeat 食物袋 (芒果) | Agooday Reusable Food Storage Bag (Mango)

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100%台灣製造的環保食物袋,內層是防水的材質,可以直接接觸食物,能耐熱攝氏120度,3 公升的容量可以盛載麵包、小食甚至湯麵,替代膠袋或膠盒。摺疊起來是口袋尺寸,方便攜帶。


物料:TPU 可熱塑性橡膠(內袋)/ Polyester 聚酯纖維(外袋)

尺寸: 約W 25 x H30 cm,3L


✅   洗碗機

❌   微波爐、焗爐

Agooday eco-friendly food storage bags are 100% made in Taiwan and are designed to reduce disposable plastic waste. The inner layer is made with waterproof food grade material. It can be heated up to 120 degrees celsius. The 3-liter capacity can hold bread, snacks and even noodle soup. It can be folded into a pocket size which makes it convenient to carry around in your purse.

The materials used in the food bags have passed the Taiwanese government's food inspection standards. The temperature resistancy reaches up to 120 degrees. No toxic substances will be released to the food and the environment. It does not contain bisphenol A, so there are no food safety concerns. The material is water/ oil resistant, quick-drying and easy to clean.

Material: TPU thermoplastic rubber (inner bag) / Polyester fiber (outer bag)

Size: W 25 x H30 cm, 3L

Origin: Taiwan

✅   Dishwasher

❌   Microwave, oven

*Items may vary slightly due to production process

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