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好夠薑 玫瑰生薑草本茶 (30g) | RoRo Ginger Herbal Tea (30g)

好夠薑 玫瑰生薑草本茶 (30g) | RoRo Ginger Herbal Tea (30g)

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荔枝窩生態生薑配上玫瑰花瓣和露絲瑪莉 (迷迭香),花的香甜與薑的微辛,加上少量露絲瑪莉沖泡時帶點甘以作平衡。材料天然不含咖啡因,有美顏、抗氧化、鬆弛情緒和驅寒暖胃之效,一杯為你帶來溫暖和平靜的片刻。




Lai Chi Wo eco ginger combined with rose and rosemary, the sweet fragrance of flowers and the slight spiciness of ginger, balanced with a small amount of rosemary to add a touch of sweetness when brewed. The ingredients are natural and caffeine-free, providing beauty-enhancing, antioxidant, mood-relaxing and warming effects on the stomach. One cup brings you a warm and peaceful moment.

Suggestion: Add an appropriate amount of herbal tea and step them in boiling water at 100 °C to release the flavor.

Ingredients: Lai Chi Wo eco ginger, rose, rosemary

Origin: Hong Kong



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