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丹麥製造 Uhmm 可重用食物盒 | Uhmm No. 01 Morning Mist Box/Morning Mist Strap

丹麥製造 Uhmm 可重用食物盒 | Uhmm No. 01 Morning Mist Box/Morning Mist Strap

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Uhmm是成立於2017的丹麥品牌,「Uhmm」是對於美好發出的讚嘆聲音。Uhmm Box 產品在丹麥設計及製造,是對越南居民以棕梠葉盛載包裝保存食物的傳統習慣致敬。


Uhmm Box 由 Polypropylene製成 ,是一種食品級和 5 號可回收認證的可持續性塑料材料。食物盒不含對羥基苯甲酸酯和鄰苯二甲酸鹽,不會將任何有害化學物質釋放於環境或食物之中。Uhmm Box 的塑料材料可以回收利用,如果將盒子焚燒,它只會釋放水和少量二氧化碳。 Uhmm Box 可用於微波爐和冰箱,減少一次性包裝的使用,是環境友善的生活好工具。

Uhmm Box No. 01

尺寸為 D10 x W18 x H5 cm。 No. 01 適合盛載晚餐的剩菜、薄餅、麵包及三明治。

Uhmm Box No. 02

尺寸為 D10 x W12 x H7,被稱為高模型。 No. 02 非常適合存放晚餐的剩菜丶意大利粉及沙拉。


尺寸: No.01 L18x W10x H5 cm / No.02 L12x W10x H7 cm


✅ 冷藏、洗碗機、微波爐(建議600w以下,時間不要超過3分鐘,適合重新加熱或解凍)

❌ 焗爐

Uhmm Box is a modern food storage box and a tribute to a Vietnamese traditional food folding technique. Inspired by a Vietnamese culture in which food is eaten off palm leaves, the Uhmm Box can be unfolded and serve as a plate - allowing you to easily enjoy your food, and best of all, this means that it takes up very little space in the dishwasher and kitchen cabinets. Use the box to store leftovers from your dinner, pack your lunch in, or for any of the small things that you hold dear. The Uhmm Box can be used in the microwave and the freezer, which can reduce the use of disposable packaging, and the release of microplastics into the environment.

The Uhmm Box is made of polypropylene – a sustainable plastic material, which is both food grade and recycled 5 approved. In other words, the plastic material from the Uhmm Box can be recycled, and if the box is incinerated, it will only release water and a little bit of C02 into the environment. Uhmm Box does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment or into the food, as it is free from parabens and phthalates. Even whilst heating in the microwave – the Uhmm Box does not release any toxins. 

Uhmm Box No. 01

Uhmm box 01 measures D10 x W18 x H5 cm, and is known as the wide model. No. 01 is great for pies, pizza, rye bread sandwiches, not to mention a delicious homemade ice-cream, which can be served straight from the box.

Uhmm Box No. 02

Uhmm box 02 measures D10 x W12 x H7 and is known as the tall model. No. 02 is great for storing leftovers from dinner, like pasta and salad. Don’t forget – it is also great for sweets and other treats.

Material: Food grade and recyclable certified polypropylene (box ) and silicone (belt) 

Size: No.01 L18x W10x H5 cm / No.02 L12x W10x H7 cm

Origin: Denmark

✅ Refrigeration, dishwasher, microwave (recommended less than 600w, the time should not exceed 3 minutes, suitable for reheating or thawing, not as a cooking container)

❌ Oven



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