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Kodangs Erzin Bag ( Uniblack )

Kodangs Erzin Bag ( Uniblack )

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Fluffy Erzin Bag 採用跣水物料製成,內袋由高觸感棉織物製成。袋內附有暗格方便裝載小物。 這款泰國製造的輕便小側袋是您日常旅程的好拍檔。

Kodangs 是一個於曼谷由三位設計專業的學生於 2010 年創立的品牌。Kodangs 熱衷於將文化和時尚的設計帶入都市繁忙的日程之中。 產品設計以簡潔丶舒適作主題。 

材質:Waterproof polyester fabric inling with cotton fabric

尺寸:約 D10 x H26 x W36 cm


Kodangs is a Bangkok-based brand founded in 2010 by three design students. The brand has a passion for bringing fashion and culture into daily travelling. The design of the products is simple, neat and comfortable. The Fluffy Erzin bag is made with waterproof material with high-touch inlining with cotton fabric and it comes with a pocket inside the bag. This made in Thailand gem is your everyday choice for daily travelling. 

Material: Waterproof polyester fabric inling with cotton fabric

Size: About D10 x H26 x W36 cm 

Origin: Thailand

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