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Ciao Plastic Toothbrush (Yellow)

Ciao Plastic Toothbrush (Yellow)

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Ciao Plastic的竹牙刷選用他們挑選的刷柄、刷頭、刷毛、底部防水塗層,刷毛特選擇了纖細柔軟的尼龍刷毛(大部分的竹牙刷使用動物刷毛,刷毛太硬會刷傷牙肉,亦不適合素食者使用)。竹的生長速度快,大約3年可以採收,而且分解時間比膠牙刷短,是更環保的選擇。

Ciao Plastic's bamboo toothbrushes are made with carefully designed handles, bristles, and waterproof coating. Due to the shorter decomposition time of bamboo, these vegan-friendly toothbrushes are a more environmental friendly choice than most regular mass-produced toothbrushes.



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