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原居文化鳳梨釀 (即沖系列)

原居文化鳳梨釀 (即沖系列)

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鳳梨釀 (即沖系列)  


鳳梨果肉濃香 米粒口感豐富



功效: 醒胃解膩

貯存: 常溫乾燥,毋須冷藏,用乾匙舀取。

成份: 黃酒釀、台灣鳳梨、玉桂、檸檬、冰糖

食用方式: 夏天冷飲、秋天常溫飲、冬天熱飲。黃金比例水與



原產地: 香港


Pineapple and Cinnamon in Fermented Brown Glutinous Rice (Instant Series) 


  • The freshness and sweetness of Taiwan pineapple 
  • Accompanied by the aroma and taste of rice wine
  • Whether it’s brewed into soda or fruit tea 
  • Refreshing but not sweet


【How to Eat】

Drink cold in summer, at room temperature in autumn, and hot in winter. 

The golden ratio of water to fermented rice is 8:1.

Soda water is used for cold drinks, the taste is more refreshing.




Rice wine stuffed rice, Taiwan pineapple, cinnamon, lemon, rock sugar"


Origin: Hong Kong



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