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薑棗釀 (即沖系列)                              



功效: 1分鐘暖宮溫胃,驅寒祛風,適合虛寒體質及坐月媽媽

貯存: 常溫乾燥,毋須冷藏,用乾匙舀取。

食用方法1: 取1湯匙直接食用,每日一次。       

食用方法2: 取2湯匙沖泡250ml暖水或熱水,可按個人對甜度喜好調較份量。緊記要食完釀料,乃營養精華所在。

原產地: 香港

Ginger & Dates in Fermented Brown Glutinous Rice (Instant Series)

  • Warm uterus and stomach, also expel pathogenic cold and wind\ Suitable for weak and cold constitution, especially for new moms
  • Made with fermented brown glutinous rice, south jujube, red dates, yellow ginger and brown sugar
  • Nourishing and replenishing, expel cold and wind. Suitable for cold and weak constitution, new moms having postpartum confinement, and vegans
  • Can be consumed directly or added with warm/boiled water, which is an easy way to treat your health better
  • Naturally handcrafted in Hong Kong with no preservatives
  • Tastes spicy which warms your body and stomach


Rice wine rice noodles, small yellow ginger, Zhengnan dates, red dates, brown sugar

【How to Eat】

Brew: Put around 2 tablespoons into 250ml warm water or hot water. You can also adjust the sweetness according to your personal preference. Don’t forget to eat some ingredients, which is the essence of nutrition!

Eat directly: Take 1 tablespoon and eat directly once a day, to achieve the effect of conditioning and health preservation.

Origin: Hong Kong



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