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日本薰壽堂咖啡線香|Japanese Kunjudo Coffee incense

日本薰壽堂咖啡線香|Japanese Kunjudo Coffee incense

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散發著咖啡豆般香氣的熏香。 熏香的煙霧很少,也可在較小的空間內使用。


有人說它聞起來像烘焙咖啡,有人說像牛奶咖啡。 你覺得呢?




長度:約136mm ; 直徑約2mm


The Japanese Coffee Incense allows you to enjoy a calm time surrounded by the scent of coffee.

An incense stick with a scent of roasted coffee beans.

This incense has little smoke so it can be used in smaller spaces as well.

Since it contains natural deodorant ingredients, the fragrant aroma of coffee spreads while eliminating odors.

Some say it smells like roasted coffee, some say it smells like Cafe Au Lait. What is your impression?

Ingredients: Coconut Shell Charcoal, Tabu Bark Powder, Fragrance, Flavonoids (Natural Deodorant)

Burning Time : 25 mins

Net Weight : 100g

Length: Around 136 mm x  2 mm

Origin: Japan



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