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印度尼泊爾香台|India Nepal Incense Stand

印度尼泊爾香台|India Nepal Incense Stand

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尺寸:約W7.5cm x H2.2cm 




This incense holder is specially designed for burning Indian incense and slightly stronger Nepalese incense. The large hole in the middle can be used to hold Tibetan or Indian incense, while the four small holes around it can be used to hold ordinary Indian incense. Two kinds of incense are used in one incense holder at the same time.

All incense burners are individually handcrafted by Nepalese. The texture of wood combined with the feeling of handcraft is just right, giving people an external relaxed feeling.

Material: Wooden

Size: Around W7.5cm x H2.2cm

Origin: Nepal

*Items may vary slightly due to the production process.



*Please note that customers who request express delivery have to bear all related potential risks such as losses and damages. Thank you for your understanding.

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